Remembering Amnesia

I really enjoy watching movies especially action ones and one of my favourite action movies is Bourne Identity. The storyline is great and I love the character that Matt Damon plays, especially his ability to kick  some serious butt. Two weeks ago I moved, and not just down the road but interstate, and for me it’s been really challenging […]

What did your last slave die of?

Recently I started reading a book called STOP the traffic-people shouldn’t be bought & sold. One year ago I had never heard of human Trafficking and I think it would be safe to say not many other people know that it even exists. So what is human trafficking and where does it take place? It […]

Its about time

They say that time flies when you’re having fun but when you think about it , whether you’re having fun or  not it continues and does not wait for you if you stop for a break. 2010 is gone and the first week of this year has already vanished and before you know it we will be […]