Its about time

They say that time flies when you’re having fun but when you think about it , whether you’re having fun or  not it continues and does not wait for you if you stop for a break. 2010 is gone and the first week of this year has already vanished and before you know it we will be celebrating christmas all over again.

Did you end up doing all that you wanted to do last year or are there still things on the list that scream out for your attention?  To be honest i had no plans for 2010 and spent most of it cruising along except for the last six months which i spent studying full time. I have never been much of a planner whether it be long or short term and its got me nowhere fast.

If i am to be completly honest with you i have spent alot of time over the years drifting from place to place with no destination in mind apart from getting to the end of the day. But who really wants to spend another year simply SURVIVING, walking around in circles and doing the same old things that never bear any good fruit.

I see 2011 to be a fresh start and i am taking advantage of it. Striving instead of surviving and being intentional about the way that i live my life. Its better late than never.

I found this on a friend’s blog and find it very encouraging.. i hope you do as well: Dont wait for someone else to speak up, someone else to act, for someone esle to take responsibility. Dont wait to make your dreams to just happen- have faith and courage to take bold steps. What do you live for, what would you die for?




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