What did your last slave die of?

Recently I started reading a book called STOP the traffic-people shouldn’t be bought & sold. One year ago I had never heard of human Trafficking and I think it would be safe to say not many other people know that it even exists. So what is human trafficking and where does it take place?

It is the sale, transport and profit from human beings who are forced to work for others. It is the modern equivalent of slavery. Against their will, millions of people around the world are forced to work for the profit of others, for example by begging, prostitution, involuntary servitude, working in sweatshops – even becoming child soldiers.

So this includes men, woman and children but woman and children are the ones who are mostly targeted. They are often promised well paid jobs, help for their families who are in desperate need or simply abducted and passed around.  

–          8000,000 people are trafficked across borders each year

–          Total profit from human trafficking(the industry roughly makes $32 billion a year) is second only to the trafficking of drugs

–          It is estimated that two children per minute are trafficked for sexual exploitation

It’s hard to believe that a thing like human trafficking could even exist in our world today, especially when you read about the history of slavery and how dehumanising it was.  It’s something I want to find out more about and still at the same time I would rather forget that I even know its happening.

As I continue to read the book and have conversations with people who know about this problem, I Find myself wanting to be part of the solution to see human trafficking stopped. With every page I turn I’m shocked, not just because this kind of slavery is around today, but because of how close to home it is. It’s an international problem, which means it’s everywhere.

What can one person do about a problem so big is a question I continue to ask myself? What will you do now that you know that human trafficking exists?

No one is free when others are oppressed.  ~Author Unknown

3 thoughts on “What did your last slave die of?

  1. You’re right, Dave. This is a critical problem in our
    world. It is rampant in all societies…even here in the states it
    is taking place. The poor of third-world countries suffer most as
    victims. There are now a number of organizations that are
    addressing this problem. Some of them are The Justice Project, A-21
    Campaign, and Free for Life International that I’m aware of. Our
    church is currently determining who we will partner with to address
    this issue. Our daughter is involved in supporting the last one.
    Here are some links you may want to check out.
    http://thejusticeproject.wordpress.com/ http://www.thea21campaign.org


  2. Dave, this is both an inspirational and deeply confronting reflection on the modern slave trade. Thank you for sharing about it, and continuing to remind us all of the injustices that exist under our noses.
    Standing with you to fight the good fight! E.


  3. Fantastic & confronting.

    I think you have captured the issue of the global slave trade well & appreciate your insight into the problem. Thanks for raising such an urgent issue which needs to be addressed & I look forward to more opportunities of discussing the book you’re reading.



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