Right Under My nose

I have always  enjoyed learning about other cultures, and living in a country with so many present, its been great to find out about the different languages, customs and perspectives on life that are here. But there has been a culture of a people who up to recently I had never even considered learning about.

A month ago I started going to University and got to choose an elective subject as part of my course. There were many to choose from but one in particular grabbed my attention-Indigenous Australian Studies. To say its been eye-opening is an understatement, its more been a mind-blowing experience. Actually im quite shocked at how little I knew about the people who have lived in Australia for thousands of years

unfortunately the Aboriginals in Australia havent always got a good wrap, especially from the media, and i cant remember ever studying their way of life in detail in highschool. Because of these things, I have  been ignorant and i reckon i have had pretty bad attitudes toward the indigenous without really even knowing it.

I have been privileged to sit in a class for 2 hours once a week(more than half the students are aboriginal) and learn about these people and their culture which has been hidden from me for so long.The Teacher encourages class dialogue and loves Questions being asked, so from the moment I enter to the end I am like a sponge.

The current Australian Indigenous situation may not be the best, and we have a long way to go to see more positive change but there is something about the Aboriginals that is quite amazing and unless you are one, have spent a lot of time with them or studied you will be missing out. Their connection to the land, how hey relate to each other and their spirituality have really fascinated me.

The more i learn about their ways that have existed for years, the more i see how much i need to change my ways, especially when it comes to how i treat people that are different from me.




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