The Next Time I Complain

Recently I  finished an assignment for my Community Development class at Uni and found myself feeling pretty drained and thankful from the experience.

I had to choose a country and identify four major development-related issues of that country. At first I treated it like any assignment…Get the work done as soon as possible and move on. FAIL.

It took me ages to decide which country to focus on but in the end i chose Haiti. Wow what a place, what a history, what a people. The people there have experienced so much chaos, and im not just talking in the last 5 years.They are fighters and survivors and have been for a long time.

The next time I complain about….

  • How dodgy australian politicians are, I will stop and remind myself that im pretty lucky to have a government like ours. Haiti hasn’t really ever experienced a stable government, and when a good leader has come along it hasn’t lasted. There has been a history of slavery, corruption and dictatorship. I have it easy compared to most who live there


  • How expensive and time-consuming education is, i will remind myself that we probably have one of the best education systems in the world. Teachers with a wealth of knowledge who can support us, financial support for university students, no matter where you live in australia you can be sure that you will have an opportunity to learn and your chances of landing a good job when you have finally finished your study are pretty high. In Haiti there is a shortage of teachers, space for teaching, money for the basics and if you live in a rural area then your chances of getting a good education are pretty low. If you come from a wealthy family you have it made and if you dont…all you can do is dream. I have it easy compared to most who are keen to learn but will never get the chance.


Thats just two issues out of many that the people in Haiti have to live with on a daily basis, and yet they still have hope. Im pretty sure I could learn a lot from people who look like they have nothing.


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