Choose your weapon

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world–Nelson Mandela
I have just finished semester one of my first year at University and im shocked at how fast the weeks flew by. At first i was thinking  3 years was going to take ages and would i be able to survive, but because time flies when your having fun, its probably best if i hold on tight so i dont miss anything. Im still refelcting on the experiance that i have just been through but there are a  couple of things that im pretty sure about.
I wrote in a previous post that i was impacted by the lack of education in some third world countries and now im amazed by the amount of education available in this country.  what a privilege it is to be able attend university, have access to so many teachers and resources and even have support from the government. My intention is to learn and grow, to be educated so i  can educate others, especially those who are weighed down by oppression. I havent always had that desire, to be honest at many points in my life i wasnt keen on learning new things at all but im finding University is opening my eyes a bit…feels like i have been asleep, and with the statistics that show how many people dont have access to even basic education there are probably millions of people out there in the world who are waiting to have their eyes opened.
What do i do with all this information?? I found myself sitting in the office of the head lecturer of the community services department a few times really overwhelmed with all the information that was coming my way. He laughed and told me i was not alone, (what a relief) and suggested that i focus on what i am passionate about. So i changed from local development to international community development,  it took the whole semester for me to realise what i really wanted to do and make that change. Education also has a way of steering you in the right direction if in the right environment and unfortunatly alot of people dont get the opportunity.
I can see the truth in Nelson Mandela’s quote, and even though the process of learning can be painful sometimes, i am glad that i am on the journey. Im not sure about me changing the world, but using my education as a weapon to see positive change is something that i will be aiming for-no matter what the cost. I have no idea what the next few years will bring while im studying but im looking forward to doors being opened and opportunities to help people open their eyes

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