A Bubble in the Busyness

I was in the city today and finally got to actually see someone holding a Free Hugs sign, and of course i went over and gave a hug to the 3 huggers who were not afraid to give them out to total strangers. Talk about a open crowd! A friend and i decided to hang around for a while as […]

Looking Back-The week just gone

The weeks fly past pretty fast and when I get a chance i like to think about  the stuff that got my attention. So i thought why not Blog about it. So every sunday im going to post Looking Back. Your welcome to come and have a read and i would love for you to […]

Clean and Cancelled

I am enjoying the Gospels all over again and finding the way Jesus interacted with people, especially the Pharisees very interesting and dynamic. Luke 7:36-50- A sinful woman anoints Jesus’ feet Imagine you have being invited to some ones house for a dinner party and on arriving you are not greeted at all, not shown […]

Would the real Jesus please stand up!

I became a Christian thirteen years ago and recently I have been asking myself why? Three days before, I made a promise to a God I didnt believe in, and people who had been praying for me that there was no way in Hell I would ever believe what they believe. So what or Who changed my […]

Not just pretty Faces

I was involved in a very interesting discussion the other day about the state of the world at the moment, and what would need to happen for there to be change. Woman can change the world kept on popping up in the middle of the convesation. There are many who would agree and probably just as […]