Not just pretty Faces

I was involved in a very interesting discussion the other day about the state of the world at the moment, and what would need to happen for there to be change.

Woman can change the world kept on popping up in the middle of the convesation. There are many who would agree and probably just as many who would brush it aside. But what would happen if woman from all over the world, especially in countries where culturally they are  given less authority were given more freedom and power….could things really change?

I have been thinking about this a lot and Im looking forward to the 2nd semester at university as one of my subjects will look at the role of woman in international development.

If you read this i would love you to share your thoughts



3 thoughts on “Not just pretty Faces

  1. Amen, brother!

    This topic is discussed passionately and in depth in the book: ‘Half the Sky’ by Nicholas D. Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. Also, follow him on FB. He talks a lot about human trafficking. Be sure to keep talking about what you learn at Uni… I love it when men begin to comprehend how powerful, important and capable women are!


  2. ooooh…i am interested in this one…first of all i think yes women can change the world, but i am not sure it is in the way we think. i am being very general and very anti feminist, in saying that women can do amazing things ‘back of house’ in the way we support and nurture others…like i said very general… the question i ask is what is stopping us? couldn’t we have done it already if it was possible? (that is probably a product of gen x or whaterever i am where everything is instant…) i must admit that i don’t live in a place where my sex determines my freedom or power so i cannot answer this question with a wholistic point of view…but then, i ask what does this question actually mean? what is it that women are to change? the way our world is, is not because of men, is it? that question is assuming that only men make the world the way it is. i don’t beleive that. it might seem like men making the decisions, and fighting and what not, but these men are surrounded by women, their mothers, their sisters, their wives… i know that i am very niave about the world, particularly outside of my own country, but women make bad choices just as much as men, so would our world be any better? we still battle greed, selfishness, violence, anger, jealousy. etc. i hear stories in the news about mothers murdering children and other things like that, that are usually ‘stereotyped’ to men. no offense…but do you see my point? i can’t honestly say that women ‘know whats better.’ and i can’t honestly say that women had nothing to do with problems are here…

    i think i might a little outside what your asking dave…because what i see as disappointing in the state of the world, may not be what you see, simply because i haven’t seen, or heard or understood a lot of issues.
    i don’t know if i explained myself very well there, but that is certainly an interesting question that raises some interesting points…i must admit that the above point makes me think of adam and eve too, because eve encouraged adam to eat the apple, she has an influence…
    so um…yeah…i am going to ponder on that one…


    1. Thanks for the recomendation erica and i did add Nicholas on facebook. He has some pretty interesting things to say. I wont read half the sky though until i finish all my other books haha.

      Hey kate and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your right about us having different perspectives but im pretty sure if we sat down and talked we may be very suprised if you know what i mean. I dont think there is a simple solution to to all the problems in the world, well there is but its probably more about our willingness to live differently to see those changes take place. I think woman could change the world if given the freedom and opportuniy, but as i have been reflecting i have come to one conclusion-men. We need to change the way we see and treat woman on a global scale. I dont feel i know enough to go on but thats what i am thinking so far and i i continue my journey at uni im sure i wil have more to say.


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