Would the real Jesus please stand up!

I became a Christian thirteen years ago and recently I have been asking myself why? Three days before, I made a promise to a God I didnt believe in, and people who had been praying for me that there was no way in Hell I would ever believe what they believe. So what or Who changed my mind?

His name is Jesus Christ. Over the years I have read and heard lots of people’s opinions about who they think he was or wasnt. 

  • Liar
  • Lunatic
  • Magician
  • Good teacher  
  • Trouble maker
  • Rebel
  • God in the flesh
  • Son of God
  • King
  • Redeemer
  • Fool

And some say that he never lived at all. Whether people believe that he existed or not it would be fair to say that Jesus wont be forgotten in a hurry. He is featured in Music, art, books, movies and he is often the centre of convesations, studies, debates and his name will either give people peace or cause them to get pretty angry.

Jesus and his cross are at the centre of Christianity. I became a christian because of everything he represents, yesterday, today and tomorrow. I believe he is God, part of the Trinity and that he is very much alive today and has a passion for people. But I think he is something more, or something less I should say. Because He is God I have often forgotten one of the most important things about him and this has meant I have found it difficult to approach him, and I start to think that he is to big and powerful, to Holy and would he really understand me?

God in the flesh. He was flesh and blood and I have been reminded of this in some sermons I have listened to in the last couple of weeks. Its so easy to forget that he is the bloke that I read about in the four gospels, trekking around the country side in the dust with the disciples. He needed to eat and sleep and have his space from the crowds of people who wanted his attention. He hung out with those who left everything to follow him, spent quality time with people who had nothing and rolled with the religious heavies. He cried, celebrated and even got angry. He was so serious about loving people that he was murded.

As I start to read the Gospels all over again I will ask “would the real Jesus please stand up” and leave behind what I think I know about him and what others see him to be, and will be looking on each page for the human Jesus christ. His sense of humour, strong charecter, ability to communicate in powerful ways, the way he related to people and most of all his love.

I have no doubt in my mind that as I intentionally journey deeper into Gods word and ask lots of questions, that Jesus will Indeed stand up and show me exactly who he is.

Time to Get back to Basics






3 thoughts on “Would the real Jesus please stand up!

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  1. Wow! What a great post! If Jesus has explained God to us, what does His human experience say about God? That He loves us enough to become like us, so that we can become like Him. Thanks for this post from 6 year ago.

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  2. Wow! Love your post here. If Jesus has explained God to us (John 1:18), what does His human experience say about God? That God love us so much that He would become like us so that we could become like Him. Thanks for you post from 6 years ago!

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