Looking Back-The week just gone

The weeks fly past pretty fast and when I get a chance i like to think about  the stuff that got my attention.

So i thought why not Blog about it. So every sunday im going to post Looking Back. Your welcome to come and have a read and i would love for you to leave a comment, either about what i have written or whats caught your eye this week.

  • I have come to accept this week that its cool that not everyone will agree with me. In fact it forces me to think more about my attitudes and values.
  • Communication is not just a word, its also something i need to invest my time and energy in. Just because so many things can get lost in translation it doesnt mean that i should give up altogether
  • The more I think i know about christianity, the more i know i need to learn. This journey is a life time process but i often forget that and want to know everything NOW.
  • Some people talk so loud on trains that its hard not to listen in on convesations. And you can find out some pretty interesting stuff about the people you catch public transport with. Entertaining as well
  • Everybody has a story to tell. I love asking people at bus stops how their day has been but it never stops there. Amazing lives are being lived all around us and sometimes its good to slow down and find out who it is your sharing space with
  • I have 2 books on the go at the moment and im really enjoying them both. But i have many more to read and i am often tempted to start new ones even if i havent finished one yet. But my mission is to stick with the 2 and work my way down to one a month

   So as i look back i realise that I have not wasted too much time;-) and now im looking forward to a new week.

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