A Bubble in the Busyness

I was in the city today and finally got to actually see someone holding a Free Hugs sign, and of course i went over and gave a hug to the 3 huggers who were not afraid to give them out to total strangers. Talk about a open crowd!

A friend and i decided to hang around for a while as we wanted to watch the reactions of people passing by. I thought it was both refreshing and sad to watch. Im probably not the only one who cannot remember the names of these charecters but im pretty sure that all those people who stopped and embraced them will remember the hug.

It was refreshing because they were so enthusiastic about what they were doing. It was like they created a bubble in the busyness where people could just stop and relax for a moment. You could see on the faces of those that took up the offer that they needed a break and a hug and it was obvious they walked away different. But i was also shocked at the small amount of people who refused to stop for a hug and others who hesitated for ages before they finally recieved their free gift.

As i watched i wanted to know just how powerful one sign could be, because from where i was standing it looked like a magnet(and after 10 minutes of trying to talk myself out of it) i approached the huggers and asked if i could have a go. I was sooo nervous but soon people from all directions were were wanting their free hug. It was a pretty cool experiance.

There is no deep MSG here, but im pretty sure that all of us need to slow down at times and pay attention to the people and things around us. We often blame life and say its to busy and before you know it, even hugs become alien to us.

Oh yeah, and If you havent held a Free hugs sign in a busy place before then find the opportunity to do it. The sign really is powerful, you will put smiles on peoples faces and it gives you a lot to think about.


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