You have the right to remain silent

We often see on the news and read in the papers how peoples human rights are violated, actually i would go as far to say thats mostly what we see in the news these days, and the issue probably doesnt have as much effect on us as it should anymore. Whether it be people dying from hunger, others who are displaced because of fear and violence or children used for things no child should ever experience, we are constantly bombarded with images of things happening a world away. It would be easy to sit back and think “well thats not my problem, thats so far away and i have my own stuff to deal with or im happy to give some cash to a cause and my bit is done”. No, i think there is no escaping when it comes to human rights-distance is irrelevant, its not just about physical violence, a dictator abusing power or even minding your own business.

 To be honest, i havent really ever given much thought about human rights.(apart from my right to things like good public transport and not to wait in line for longer than 3 minutes) One of my subjects at Uni this semester has forced me to start thinking more…and it hurts. We have looked at the history of human rights, how the Universal Declaration of human rights came about, what it means to have a right and touched on how the rights of different people have been violated over time. Every week one Question would be answered only to have many more Questions to pop up in my mind. One of the biggest convictions i have had during this time is that so often i am more concerned with my human rights and are my needs being met that the rights of others are always somewhere at the bottom of the list of things. So are we more consumed with our own rights that we often forget the many humans around us and their basic rights?

Im shocked when i take a look at what the human rights are that were put together back in 1948. Not because so many since then have had their rights violated but because its happening here in my own backyard in so many ways that it feels like its just normal part of our society that people go without. I hope you who read this, especially those who havent,  will have a look at the all the articles listed on the Declaration of human rights. Areas i see in which peoples are being violated that are close to him are childrens rights. Even before a child is born a parent/parents have a massive responsibility to see that their child is born into a safe environment where they can grow, feel safe and have a education that will encourage their gifts but this isnt happening and the impact it is having on our young people is really sad. Those seeking asylum from persecution in other countries. What can i say about this issue..Australia is guilty of being involved in violating the rights of those people seeking asylum. Unfortunatly the words asylum seeker now leaves a bad taste in our mouths when it should cause us to stand up and be a voice and offer a safe place. The right to equal pay for equal work. The rights of woman, especially in the work place have come a long way but you dont need to be a female to know that much work needs to be done to see woman being treated equally. When i think of all the woman who are mothers and manage a household and everything that comes a long with it im amazed..and even more amazed that they dont get paid for he role they play. Well i could go on and on about things in our own backyard that need attention but when you stop and think about it you will see that human rights affect us all.

Yes i have the right to remain silent and just get on with my life but unfortunalty i dont think thats going to happen as education is all fun and games until you see the need to apply the things you learn. I dont have to be a parent, a woman or  someone seeking asylum to stand up and support or be a voice for them. Is it time for all of us to stop protectng our own rights so much that other people are being left behind in the process? Just because rights cant be enforced does it mean that we should put this issue in the too hard basket and continue turning a blind eye and a deaf ear?

Im interested to hear your thoughst on the subject so please feel free to leave a comment and thanks for dropping by

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