I recently started using soap…

Isolation and restrictions because of COVID-19 have caused everything and everybody to slow down. While its hard to say how the economy is being impacted, and people are forced to do things differently world wide, God is using this time to get peoples attention.

In a recent sermon i heard from my pastor, he shared the S.O.A.P bible study method. I am a fan of the A.C.T.S acronym that you can use for prayer and use it often, so learning something new that would provide a bit of structure when it comes to engaging with God i thought would be cool. (Not everything has to be structured but it doesn’t hurt at times)

Over the last few weeks a mate and i have been using this bible study method through the book of James. I have found it an awesome experience and love that it asks some great thought provoking questions.

There is nothing like a good bible study that gets to the heart of the matter

So if you haven’t used S.O.A.P, (even if you have in the past) then i really want to encourage you. With your next personal study, or if you come across a couple of scriptures that are speaking to you, take your time and use some soap.

  • Scripture – Write out one verse that was meaningful to you.
  • Observation – What was interesting in this passage? What did you Learn and what could God be saying to you?
  • Application – How can you apply this scripture to your life? How will you let it change you?
  • Prayer – Respond to God in prayer, use the scripture as a guide. Ask God to help you meditate and apply the scripture to your life.

Have you used this bible study method and if so what has been your experience? If not i really hope you give it a go.

Lord God, thank you that you have given us your Word. It is alive, active and sharper than any double-edged sword, so i pray that we would also be alive, active and sharp when we come to studying the Bible. We need your help and are thankful for the resources that people come up with that assist us in getting deeper to knowing you more. Open our eyes so we would see you. Amen




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