Born again identity

My identity has been something I have thought about since I was a kid. Being adopted at an early age meant that I found no security in who I thought I was. So I went looking elsewhere. Since responding to the call of Christ 17 years ago, It was awesome to know that I had […]

A Bubble in the Busyness

I was in the city today and finally got to actually see someone holding a Free Hugs sign, and of course i went over and gave a hug to the 3 huggers who were not afraid to give them out to total strangers. Talk about a open crowd! A friend and i decided to hang around for a while as […]

Looking Back-The week just gone

The weeks fly past pretty fast and when I get a chance i like to think about  the stuff that got my attention. So i thought why not Blog about it. So every sunday im going to post Looking Back. Your welcome to come and have a read and i would love for you to […]

Right Under My nose

I have always  enjoyed learning about other cultures, and living in a country with so many present, its been great to find out about the different languages, customs and perspectives on life that are here. But there has been a culture of a people who up to recently I had never even considered learning about. A […]