As the dust settles on 2020

I am very thankful for 2020 and the lessons it has presented. Being forced to slow down and having the opportunity to rethink some life and faith stuff. While the pandemic was a pretty crazy experience, I have no doubt that God used, and will continue to use, different parts of the last year to... Continue Reading →

God’s will and your willingness

Christians can spend a lifetime wondering about the will of God. Conferences, fasting, pleading with him in prayer and asking everyone who offers to pray that it will be revealed. Some believers are expecting a massive wiz-bang moment where everything is made clear while others just want a little glimpse so they can move forward. Most of... Continue Reading →

The light that leads to life

One of the things I like about Jesus Christ, is that he always gets to the heart of the matter. In the gospels we see him regularly doing this when he.. Puts the religious heavies in their place. Rebuked the disciples when they lost focus. Responded to people's questions with answers they never expected When... Continue Reading →

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