Born again identity

My identity has been something I have thought about since I was a kid. Being adopted at an early age meant that I found no security in who I thought I was. So I went looking elsewhere.

Since responding to the call of Christ 17 years ago, It was awesome to know that I had become a new creation, but there was a problem. An addiction I had got lost in meant that I was unable to really understand what my identity in Jesus was all about.

After years of struggling, in the last few months I have been able to let go of an addiction that was getting in the way of experiencing the grace of God in the area of identity. It has certainly been a case of not leaning on my understanding. an amazing experience.

During this season, the desire to understand who I am in Christ has been burning inside me, and I have committed myself to a study of Ephesians for the next few months. (I am sure this will be ongoing). I have always believed that the Christian identity was high on the list of important things for Christians to grasp, and am now convinced that without proper understanding of who we are on this side of the cross, we are running around in circles getting nowhere fast.

So have you thought much about your identity as a follower of Christ? I would love to read your thoughts, and as I learn more I will continue to share here. Peace 2 you.

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