A prayer for you – Be thankful

Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise! -Psalm 100:4

How awesome it is that our God is not some distant force that sometimes lets us know that we better watch out.

Nope, instead he has made himself known to us, and because of Jesus Christ we can come into his presence with confidence.

Because of this lets be eager to speak with our creator, be still before him and seek his wisdom.

I pray that you would remember your past prayers for help, strength and guidance in everyday matters and bring to your mind also the times when God responded…

And be thankful first as you approach him today.

Give thanks to him, bless his name! – Psalm 100:4


13 thoughts on “A prayer for you – Be thankful

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  1. Amen! I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. God has been very gracious to me this year. Last year was filled with tears but this year He has filled my mouth with laughter. Whenever I complain, I try to remember the difference one year has made in my life and that brings me to a place of thanksgiving

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  2. Amen! I am often reminded of 1 Samuel 7:12 and the need to set up memorials for what God has done. Otherwise I’m easily distracted when the wonderful moment is over and regular life settles back around me.

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  3. I am working on the being thankful “in all things” part. You know good and bad πŸ™‚ I am pretty good at being thankful in the good, of course, that is easy when things are going great. This year has been buried in not so great, and it is shown me that I am not grateful in ALL things, not like I should be. With the Good LORD’s help, I will get there.

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    1. Margaret, that’s a pretty good reminder that most Christians are usually more thankful when times are awesome and when they are not well that’s a different story.

      Thanks for commenting…we will all get there with practice:-)

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