Born again identity – Dead and alive

Ephesians 2:4-5 But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ- by grace you have been saved.

In a previous post I committed myself to writing some reflections on the book of Ephesians which I am currently studying, because of what it tells us about our identity in Jesus Christ. In 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NLT),  it says that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone, a new life has begun! That’s some pretty awesome news for the believer I reckon.

Chapter 1 of Ephesians says that we have been blessed with every spiritual blessing, which is part of our new life in Christ. In chapter 2 we are told that God made us alive together with Christ. And he did this while we were dead in our old ways. We live in a world where nothing is really done for free, there is always the pay back, the what do I get out of this and so on. But no, this gift from God was expensive for him, and we had nothing to offer. It was GRACE at work.

While reflecting on Ephesians 2, I have been reminded of what my life was like before God found me back in 1999. To know that while I was in that place, mentally and spiritually far from being alive, and very much dead in my transgressions, that God still Pursued me with his love and mercy, is something that I will always be amazed at. Very thankful!

Its not only our responsibility as Christians to get a hold of the biblical truths we are given, but I would say its just as important for us to remember what we have walked away from. If God made us alive, then we are also now dead to something, ignore that and it wont be long before you get sucked back into the old stuff. If a person says they are a follower of Christ and at the same time has no interested in understanding their new identity in Jesus, they might as well spend all their time running around in circles. They will get nowhere fast.

We have been made alive with Christ. Spend time Looking at your life and the way you approach things through that lens. Are you a follower of Jesus who hasn’t learnt about this stuff? Or a person who is passionate about Understanding the Christian identity? Please comment below, I’m interested in reading your thoughts.

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  1. I see God as a much bigger God when I look at what I once was and what He has done for me. This isn’t just about the change from my pre- Christ following days but also the change He has and is making everyday – I need to die to self and that is never over until it is all over for me on this earth – Great post!

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  2. The limitless expanse of this excites me. I often find I get complacent with what God is offering. Losing interest by listening to other voices that offer pride (success). Remembering that he is plan for me is abundant and beyond my ability I am gently entice back to an ever growing identity in, with and through Jesus. Amen brother brilliant reflection.

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  3. Great message, exactly the message I received from God, the old is gone and New has begun. Yet I agree we can easily fall back to complacency with our spiritual walk. Flesh is very weak, but the spirit is stronger if we tap into it. I’m on a hunger quest to learn more of God and my purpose he’s design for me, and how I must sacrifice for his will to be done. Sacrifice for many humans is hard to do, but I’m willingly choosing God by willingly sacrificing my body for his love.


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