The light that leads to life

One of the things I like about Jesus Christ, is that he always gets to the heart of the matter. In the gospels we see him regularly doing this when he..

  • Puts the religious heavies in their place.
  • Rebuked the disciples when they lost focus.
  • Responded to people’s questions with answers they never expected

When it came to sharing who he was with others, it was no different, he didn’t leave anyone in the dark. Nope, this is an area when he often got to into trouble with his audience because of how explicit he was.

And we should be thankful that Jesus has been so clear with his identity, because it means he has provided Christians with everything we need to know to follow him.

We see this in chapter 8:12 of the book of John.

I am the light of the world. If you follow me, your won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life ~ Jesus Christ

If you are a Christian then Jesus’s words should be of great comfort to you. There’s three things in the above verse that if you remember in your daily lives, especially when things are tough, I reckon will be helpful with how you see things before you.

  1. Jesus is the light of the world. There are plenty of lights in the world but only one light of the world. Jesus is the light that never needs to be replaced and exposes the darkness for what it is.
  2. Because he is that light, we won’t have to walk in darkness. He isn’t saying there won’t be difficulties in your life, that challenges will all vanish, just because your a new creation in Christ. But what he is saying is what we need to know, that if we follow him (if means we have a choice), we won’t have to walk in the darkness.
  3. Jesus is the light that leads to life. Can any other light claim to lead to life? We can be sure that when Jesus says this ( the one who’s blood was shed for us, who defeated death), that he isn’t pulling our leg just for jokes, just to get our hopes up.

We need a light we can trust, one that won’t go out when we need it most, and one that will lead to a life of deliverance and renewal. And I reckon that we need to be reminded daily of this truth, because in world of darkness with lots of counterfeit lights who else has proven trustworthy?

Thanks for reading. If you have found anything in this post helpful or think anyone else you know could benefit, then please share.


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  1. I love this! But for some reason the word identity jumped at me as I read this even though it isn’t the focal point of your post. Jesus was clear on who He was. Doing this then was risky just as it is to us today. Still He didn’t hide His identity. Lesson for us all there. Do people around us know who we are?

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