Spiritual food for thought – Admitting our addiction to self

I have been slowly reading through a book called finding God. While I haven’t agreed with all of the authors ideas and theology, there have been some awesome truths that have leaped off the pages…

We Christians cannot talk about loving God until we come to grips with our raging passion for ourselves. We can not and will not love anyone but ourselves until we meet God in a way that stirs us to race after him with single minded intensity, until our deepest desire is to get to know him better – Larry Crabb

How often do we slow down long enough so that we can clearly see this “raging passion” for self? Is this idea and the pursuit of understanding us, our personality types and what makes us happy getting in the way of knowing our creator more deeply?

My addiction to self gets in the way of me being more like Christ for sure. Will you join me in asking God to deliver us daily from ourselves,  and instead give us a passion to know Jesus.

Thanks for reading. If you have found anything helpful from my words please leave a comment, or share this with someone who you know will benefit.





11 thoughts on “Spiritual food for thought – Admitting our addiction to self

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  1. I totally agree. And this is the season God has me in. I’m clutching onto my bible tighter and digging in further. I know God is using this to break me down and rebuild within. This is very true.

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  2. This got me thinking. I share with you in this addiction! Remembering times when I say “I don’t feel like” because I really don’t want to, not because the spirit is leading me not to! There is a continuous battle between the flesh and the spirit. Brother Paul in all his spirituality cried out at some point because I guess he too probably was getting frustrated when he saw himself doing things he didn’t want to do. But like he (Paul) said, we have to continue in the school of disciplining our flesh and continue to press towards the mark! Blessings to you!

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  3. Reading this reminded of something God spoke to me a few months ago: “I want to be your heart’s deepest desire”. I had become obsessed with the idea of finally taking hold of something I thought He had promise me and that thing began to rule my mind and heart. God wasn’t having it. It has taken a long time but I am finally putting Him back on the throne. Thank you for this post!

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    1. Thank heaps for dropping by Tausha and no worries. The process of giving him our heart so he can give us his is a long sometimes hard one, but worth the journey.


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