Life after lockdown – Our relationship with Jesus

Has your relationship with Jesus Christ been effected during this Pandemic?

I’m not sure if people are still blogging about Covid-19, or what type of restrictions you are facing in your part of the world, but where I live (Melbourne, Australia) it’s LOCKDOWN!

I have been working from home since April, we are not allowed beyond 5km of our house for no good reason and wearing masks are compulsory.

Many people are struggling with restrictions/isolation and the impact we wont really know until after the pandemic is done, but for me, this has been a significant time and I will look back extremely grateful. (except for the Covid kg’s/pounds)

In my last post back in may, I suggested this crazy time would present Christians with an opportunity to reflect on how we relate to God.

I asked if the Church would use this time wisely?

Because on this side of the pandemic, I have no doubts in my mind that God has given Christians a great opportunity to slow down and Examine our hearts to see if we are in the faith. (2 Corinthians 13:5)

Early on during Covid-19 my wife and I really believed that this time (lockdown/isolation) was God’s gift to his family. I am in no way pushing aside the struggles some people are facing, including Believers, but if God is as big as we profess he is, and cares for us as much as we sing about, then why wouldn’t he use a crappy situation like this pandemic to provide some time that can be redeemed?

I know I am not alone in thinking this, and there are many followers of Christ around the globe who have recognised this time as a special opportunity in their faith walk. A friend of mine recently said “I have been touching on things and asking God questions for the first time in my life, and now practicing the art of being still and waiting on God”.

Back to my original question, Has your relationship with Jesus been effected during this pandemic? I wonder if over the last few months you have taken the time to examine where you stand with him or have had some other revelation that has rocked the boat a bit?

One of the things that has impacted my relationship with Jesus during this time has been his Sermon on the Mount. What I thought would be a quick read of the Gospel of Matthew, has turned into life changing spiritual pit stop.

It has felt like a bit of a born again again experience.

Matthew 5:20 and the Beatitudes forced me to stop and reflect on where I stand before Jesus and with what kind attitude I approach my daily walk with.

I have been reminded that to try and live the Christian life in my own strength is not possible, and that I don’t actually have the resources to meet the standards of the Kingdom of God. Oh, how we can start so well on our Christian journeys and over time forget how much we need to be poor in Spirit.

There is a real danger for a seasoned Christian to think they good with God, when the reality is they are only dabbling in discipleship and look more like a Pharisee than an actual follower of Jesus. Whitewashed tombs which appear beautiful on the outside but inside are full of bones and all kinds of rottenness.

So I wonder how many in the church are doing stuff for Jesus, are fluent in Christianese and know how to play the part but their hearts are far from God.

Now is the time for followers of Jesus to check how close they are following him. Are we close enough to hear his words and be both confronted and amazed at his authority, or are we standing at a comfy distance where we can choose not be to vulnerable and continue dabbling in religion?

Father God, we are thankful for the way that you teach us and for your Word which is alive and active. We are sorry that we have tried to follow Jesus in our own strength and wisdom, and if we are honest, we find it hard to admit that we are nothing without you. Show us what it means to be poor in spirit and lead us in the way everlasting.

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8 thoughts on “Life after lockdown – Our relationship with Jesus

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  1. A good word, brother. First of all, I’m sorry you are still in such a restrictive lockdown, but grateful you’ve experience God doing things in your life in a way that leads to growth. I have asked these same questions of the Church during this time, and it is my belief that we will find the Lord will have used this time to do a partial purging of the Body, and that as the Church gathers once again, it will be smaller, leaner but much more effective for the Kingdom. As a Christian, my prayer is to continue to hear his voice no matter what comes and to live in obedience to that word. Blessings.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Carol. Yeah what sucks the most has been not being to able to hang out with people or have people over for a feed. But hopefully that all changes soon…unless Jesus returns sooner!. “A partial purging of the Body” – WOW, that sounds about right, sad but I agree. Already hearing people talk about how they now wont have to go to church cause they can do it all online. I think that saddens me the most, people forgetting that they are the Church.


  2. Absolutely man. Very well said. I don’t believe God created COVID, but I do believe he has been working in it to bring 20-20 vision to his people in this year, 2020. I pray with you that we are attentive to his voice and malleable in his hands, that we might be ready for all he wants us to do in 2021 and beyond. His growth of us is not to highlight our deficits, but to bring us higher for the good works he’s looking for us to do in the future (Eph 2:10).

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  3. Since I am “Seeking Divine Perspective,” I have tried different ways of looking at things. I’ve found it helps when I am alone against my will, to look at it not as being “stuck all by myself,” but realizing how honored I am that today the Lord wants me all to Himself. ❤️


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