Be a patient prayer

To you who have just started praying about something important in your life, and your wondering whether it’s worth it, and how long will it be before you have an answer. To you who are in the middle of a season of prayer, you have been waiting for an answer for awhile and haven’t stopped praying the same prayer.

My wife and I started to pray about something 7 months ago and in the last few days that season on waiting came to a close. Seven months of praying the same thing! It’s the longest I have intentionally prayed about something in my 20 years of being a Christian. During the 7 months we regularly talked about what we were seeking and I will be honest, there were times of wanting to take matters into our own hands. There’s that tension of knowing (or thinking you know) what your wanting is good so why not just go ahead and do or take it and really wanting to know what Gods thoughts are on the matter.

Waiting is hard. Praying without ceasing and giving thanks at the same time is not natural for us humans. But for those of us that are in Christ, this is God’s will for us. – 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18

So if you are there and the struggle is real, or you are frustrated and plan B is looking tempting, or you are about to give up on waiting because it feels like it’s been too long.

Don’t stop!

I want to encourage you. Keep praying about the thing that you are wanting an answer for, keep talking with others about what your praying about, keep giving thanks during this process and most of all keep letting God know exactly how your doing during this time. I’m not saying that God will answer exactly the way you want him to if do the things I have just suggested. Nope, that’s the part of the adventure of prayer and allowing God to be God in these matters.

You see, God said no to our prayer, but in saying no we have avoided lots of possible pain and time wasted. In saying no we have been reminded that God cares for his children, and in saying no we can now say yes to other things that are where God wants us to be present.

How good is it that the God of the universe invites us into the process of this thing called prayer. Doesn’t always make sense and can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s worth investing in.

What is the longest time you have spent in prayer about something that was important to you?

Father God, we thank you that we can come to you in prayer, that you are not some distant power that has no ears and has no time to respond to your creation. Help us to be patient prayers and to give you thanks while waiting for answers. – Amen

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  1. This is a very encouraging reminder, keep on praying and know that we are truly submitting that matter to God and letting Him in His sovereign wisdom and goodness decide if it a yes or a no to that prayer.
    Patience while waiting can really be difficult but it sure does make us lean on Him more and grow us if we choose to do it.

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  2. I was at an impasse with my job once and knew I needed to leave. Like you, I prayed for several months that
    God would open a 🚪 door. It was hard to leave the situation alone and not take it into my own hands. Thankfully, I waited for God to move and He did!

    In the process my relationship with the Heavenly Father grew. By waiting, somewhat patiently ☺️, I learned to trust Him like never before.

    Thanks for sharing your testimony about being diligent, fervent and patient in prayer. God Bless you, Evad.

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    1. G’day David an thanks for commenting dude. That’s really good to hear that you waited. Sounds like that the outcome has not much to with the answered prayer but more often with what goes on with those that are praying. Interesting hey?


  3. Really encouraging! Been praying for something for over two and a half years. Still trusting for God to cone through there. Been praying for an answer to a seemingly impossible situation speedily approaching for a little over a year now and still trusting God there too. So I really appreciate the encouragement!! It’s helpful.

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    1. Hi there Liam, thank you for dropping by and for your comment, i’m glad you were encouraged. Wow, what a journey you are on a, for over 2.5 years! I wonder if over that time you understanding of God and yourself has changed, or have your relationships with other people been impacted by this? would love to hear.


  4. I needed to read this today. I know it, but sometimes I need to hear (or read) it, too.

    The longest time I’ve spent for something in prayer is.. well, currently around 15-16 years now. As of last year, my husband started being faithful in daily reading of Scripture, so that was about a 17ish year-long-prayer answered. I am still praying for him to find true Biblical community and get connected with a group of men (or anyone!) to pray with, study the Word with, help and be helped by, etc. That’s an ongoing prayer, and I think I’ve been praying for it for around 15 years… some days I get tired, which is why we all need Aarons and Hurs in our life to help us hold our arms up! (Ex. 17:12-14)

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    1. Hi there Heather my friend, thanks for dropping by. God said no because the thing we were praying about was connected to progressive Christianity! Your early post that I engaged with really opened our eyes to that stuff so thank you.

      Wow what a journey you are on! Is hubby a Christian or exploring the idea? Awesome that he is getting into the word. Biblical community and solid blokes who want to do what your looking for is hard to come by but keep praying.

      Here I am thinking 7 months was a long time…and your on 15 years! CRIKEY!


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      1. Wow, interesting! I’d love to hear about it sometime. My husband is a Christian but he’s a different sort of fellow. An engineer type, if that helps you think of it – absolutely brilliant but often his people skills have been carefully studied and practiced. Reading body language doesn’t come naturally to him, but he’s studied it (literally) and probably knows more than the average guy senses!

        As for waiting, Abraham waited longer than me! I just keep reminding myself to trust God, not my eyes or my timeline. 😉

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      2. Basically the wife and I were very keen to join a church community, it would of meant making a big move if we did end up going, but we committed to praying about whether it was right. Not long ago a couple of people suggested finding out about their theology and around that time your post about the progressive stuff. After 7 months, your post and some questions it became clear that we were not going. Disappointed cause we love what they are doing in terms of community but to much conflict when it came to the theology.

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      3. I hear you. We actually left a church that we’d been a part of for 10 years due to this issue. They did great things in the community, but unfortunately, so many secular humanitarian organizations also do great things. Great people, some of them, but unfortunately too much into what I would call “works righteousness” or the social justice warrior-type ideology but absolutely no discipleship or theological training. Sadly, that lack is showing heavily in my son’s life right now. 😦

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      4. I read you loud and clear my friend. Sorry to hear about your son. What i am learning about discipleship is that it often doesn’t look like what we want it to. Not always found in the church you attend which sucks but it means the need to build connections with Christians elsewhere(even if on the phone or through zoom for example). Also we are discipled everyday by all kinds of things and people in the world, so the key is to be discerning with what we are letting into our ears and minds. You prob already know all this but its different to the 1 on 1 discipling model that we all wished existed in our local churches. It’s hard to find, i feel for your son. We could always start an international discpleship ministry Heather! Connectiing woman and blokes all over the place who want solid learning and community so as to avoid getting sucked into things like Progressive Christianity. 🙂

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  5. Truly an encouraging testimony on prayer. Thank you for sharing. The part that struck me most is that the answer was “no” and how you and your wife saw the Lord’s goodness in that answer and continued to give thanks, a pattern you had already established as you were waiting and asking.

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    1. Beth, I am glad you were encouraged. Thanks for dropping by and no worries. Ooooh yeah we were very thankful, mainly because it was so clear and what was even clearer was what he was protecting us from. Can’t not be thankful for that if you know what I mean.

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  6. I agree. I have been praying for a new job. Praying for God to answer the prayer, but in the midst of praying I noticed God is changing me. I don’t know where the Lord is taking me, but I am learning to trust Him for the outcome. However, he has answered prayers I had prayed many years ago.
    So, God is right on time when we give Him space to do the work in us and trust Him to work on the physical environment.

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