The need to dethrone ourselves when in prayer.

How much control do you like to have when you come to God in prayer?

We often talk about how much we trust or don’t trust God in our daily lives, we sing songs about trusting God at Church and there are plenty of books about what it means to put our trust in God when it matters. I wonder if many Christians stop to consider the level of trust and honesty that exists in their prayer lives.

The prayer I am specifically referring to are ones of provision. We are in need of direction, finances, where we should live and how long we should wait type of prayers. It can be so easy to have our shopping list of requests and at the same time not be completely honest before God.

We must also be honest with ourselves in this process

I was recently confronted about my approach to God on a particular issue I am working through, and realised that in my not being honest with myself, it was impacting my ability to trust God in the process.

A question that came out of this experience led me to write this post. When praying to God for provision, how much trust do we place in his ability to answer our prayer in his way and in his timing?

If I am honest about this, somewhere in the back of my mind while I am on my way to talk to God, I am often thinking of a plan B and when I need it to be actioned. Does this ring true for you?

At the heart of this issue is control, and daily we need to give up the illusion that we are in control and allow God to be God, especially when it comes to our time in prayer.

It’s time we dethrone ourselves

Isn’t the whole point of praying to God for provision, because we realise we need help, we don’t have the resources ourselves, and so there is a hope that God will provide the things that we need?

I think it’s important when we approach God with a request for help that we…

  • Remember to ask God for help in prayer,(to be honest with ourselves and him) as it’s something that I think is probably neglected.
  • Remember past experiences where God has shown he can be trusted.
  • Remember that his ways are often not ours when it comes to how prayers have been answered
  • Remember to let go of control and trust that God will hear our prayer and respond.

So, will you join me in the practice of being less controlling when we come to God for provision?

Father God, we thank you that you have given us prayer. That you want us to come to you for our needs. But we have a problem, we like to be in control. We often find it a challenge to trust that you will hear us, and allow you to provide in a way that has nothing to do with us. Help us to remember your deeds and to consider your works in our lives when we come to you in prayer so we can enjoy the mystery of what prayer often is. – Amen

6 thoughts on “The need to dethrone ourselves when in prayer.

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  1. Amen, brother! This is so true.
    I think one good thing that has come out of the whole Covid business is that the fragility of our illusion of control over our lives has been exposed.

    Thankfully, it is both humbling and gloriously exciting to be able to leave our requests at the feet of the Father, knowing full well that whatever He chooses to do with them will ultimately be the best for us!

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  2. So good bro! I sometimes don’t trust Him enough to do things His way and in His time. The story of Abraham comes to mind here. I have realised that I will save myself so much stress and heartache if I yielded to His way because my way always ends up chaotic after a while.

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  3. As a high-powered businessman in one of my books found out as he was making his way down the stairs of the collapsing World Trade Center, Mankind’s “dirty little secret” is that we are utterly helpless and dependent upon God. It’s just that most of the time He allows us to walk around believing that we aren’t.

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  4. Thank you.
    You said: “At the heart of this issue is control, and daily we need to give up the illusion that we are in control and allow God to be God, especially when it comes to our time in prayer.

    It’s time we dethrone ourselves”

    This rings true for me. To this place of knowing God as God. Not like any other relationship ever before. In this bowing in heart, at this new level I have been led into, I hear my heart echo up to God: “I’ve never had a God before” in wondered amazement.
    my heart is saying, “I have never encountered this kind of a relationship ever before” — No other God. amen.
    Jesus Christ is Lord, in Him i rest. I find my home, my family, my hearth.

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