If your reading this, STOP

I just finished a conversation with my wife about how challenging it can be to be still with God.  To put everything aside, whether it be our voices, our technology or whatever other distractions we create for ourselves be. We both laughed because we are both guilty of letting our short attention spans get in the way of hanging out with God at times.

We also grieved together at how damaging this can be for many Christians who are forever distracted by the stuff in our lives. Many of us are lucky enough to be connected to communities and individuals who will keep us accountable and encourage us to wake up. But for many more they are stuck.

There is nothing wrong with listening to podcasts, to the many sermons we can find online or the hundreds of Christian books that are available to us, I mean how awesome is God that he would bless the body of Christ with so much creativity. We are lucky.

DISTRACTION, even by good stuff can get in the way of our ability to turn everything off (except our brains and hearts), go to our favourite space and wait in silence. So when you have finished reading this I would love for you to turn all your distracting technology off or throw it in the toilet lol, go find a space where you will not be interrupted and stay there for 30 minutes. I don’t care what time it is either!

As soon as I post this I will be shutting down and meditating on a Psalm. If you have a peace of scripture to chew on during your 30 min that’s awesome, otherwise find something to be thankful for or remember when God has shown up in your life.

Psalm 86:11 Teach me your way Lord, that I may rely on your faithfulness

give me an undivided heart, that I may fear your name

Let me know how you go.



9 thoughts on “If your reading this, STOP

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    1. Extremely T.R, , and the funny thing is, many think that if they have this time away from the hustle n bustle n noise that it will always end in some massive revelation from God. Sometimes the result is feeling refreshed after a break from all the distractions.

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  1. Hey such a wonderful read today. This definitely made me smile. I totally agree that we all need to power down and load up on time with God. Technology is a distraction and can be deadly to all of us. We all have to be mindful of that and ensure we are giving God just as much time as we give Instagram, Television and other social media sites. Thank you for the challenge and for sharing this post. I accept your challenge and as always appreciate your thoughts when you stop by my page too. Have an amazing day / night. May the Love of Our God be with you and your family always. Peace and blessings 💕😇🙏🏽.

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  2. I love this. I feel like tech gets in the way of many things. I have found that intentionally carving out 30 minutes to study God’s Word has helped tremendously. I’m still working on getting my time in morning prayer ironed out. I oversleep far too often!

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    1. One step at a time! Agree with the 30min of reading, done everyday that will make a massive difference to our lives. Gotta be careful of all those distractions though. Thanks for your comment

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