Spiritual food for thought – Growing in Grace

The better we know the Lord, the more we will love him, and the more we love him, the more we will worship and obey him. As a result, we will become more like him and experience what the apostle Peter called growing “in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” – Warren W. Wiersbe

I think its awesome that God gives us the opportunity to participate in the process of sanctification, and that he provides grace to accompany us along the way.

Father God, thank you that you are not some distant deity who has no interest in our faith journey. That we can know you and experience fellowship with you, and that while we are growing in knowledge of who you are, our lives are transformed. Help us to be patient with ourselves and others during the race that we run. – Amen

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      1. That is an EXCELLENT book! I have all his Be Series as well as the Transformation study Bible (nlt) which has all his notes. Seriously the I AM statement book is absolutely fantastic. I have so many notecards in my Bible from that book! One of my favorite Wierbe quotes are “outlooks determine outcomes” it is simple but brings me back to center which is Christ! The Bible Exposition commentary is well respected and user friendly as well!

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      2. So good, I am really enjoying so far as its easy to read, I like the way he communicates. I was actually going to ask you about the Be series as I have seen that pop up a few times as well, what’s that all about? Thank ya for your recommendations!

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      3. The Be Series are commentaries. I think Acts is Be Daring. James might Be Wise. Philippians I think was Be Joyful. He also has study guides with the books but for me personally I liked the Be book with the reflection questions at the end of each chapter. David C Cook was his publisher it may be possible to get some of his Be Series books for free.

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      4. Dave, you could also go on Google books and preview the different books to see if you like them. Warren Wiersbe was instrumental in me attending Seminary. Although I never met him, I most certainly look forward to meeting him in Heaven! I have never read anything by him I didn’t like!

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      5. Yeah will be looking into the Be series, would be keen to read what he has to say on the sermon on the mount and some other stuff. Don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner but found some of his stuff on YouTube as well.

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