Remembering the real story Writer



We are living in crazy times!

On the surface it looks like COVID-19 is in charge,  and that we should be giving all of our attention to it like its the script writer, responsible for the next part of all of our stories.

I am not suggesting that we ignore it like its not there. It’s clear that the world has been impacted. People in isolation, panic buying, a spike in unemployment and wide spread anxiety has taken a toll on everyone.

During this time i have been reminded of the bigness of God, and how important it is for  me to meditate on who he is. The above song by Rivers and Robots has been really helpful in keeping me focused, especially the verse:

You are writing the perfect story
Turning ashes into beauty
Turning songs of sorrow into songs of joy again
You’re revealing Your endless glory
Leading us in the way of mercy
Taking broken lives and making everything new

If you are a struggling with everything that is happening right now,  i really want to encourage you to shift your focus. At the heart of the Christian faith Stands Jesus Christ, and he offers peace to those who trust in him. If you need to be reminded of who is in control watch or listen to some good worship music, i highly recommend Rivers and Robots.

Lord God, help us during this time to focus on you and not on the problems of the world. Open our eyes so we can see you and may we discern what you are doing in this season of life. May we remember that you are the true author of not only our lives but our faith as well.






17 thoughts on “Remembering the real story Writer

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    1. G’ay Efua, it has been a long time hey! Brandie and i are doing good thanks, life has been a mix of very busy and challenging seasons but we are well thank you for asking. I have been wanting to write again for a long time. Better late than never a?

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  1. Amen to this! A lot of people are having a difficult time grasping all that is going on in the world right now but if they would just remember that God is yet sovereign, their peace would be restored. Regardless of unemployment, financial difficulty, isolation, sickness and even death, nothing is taking place that God is not aware of. As His children, we can take rest in the knowledge that we are safe in the palm of our Father’s hand.

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    1. Yes! Still very Important to name the hard stuff, and not ignore the pain of it, but imperative that we understand and hold on to the bigger picture. -Who God is, who we are because of Christ and that we have help and a living hope. Important stuff.

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