Broken judgement doesn’t satisfy

Are you being treated unfairly?

Whether by a brother or sister in Christ or by a non Christian.

And are feeling the sting of it which is causing you to seek your own justice.

You know, making notes to use at a perfect time, building up the verbal arsenal to let them have it and all those scenario’s your playing out in your mind.

Let’s be honest, the weight of your agenda to show them the error of their way may feel good now, but that will only last a moment.

If this is you, it’s time to stop, give up the allusion that you are in control of this situation and choose another path.

Even if you get a chance to put this person in their right place for treating you the way they have, because your judgment is broken, your satisfaction will never be filled.

Jesus, while suffering, he uttered no threats, but kept entrusting himself to him who judges righteously.

Crazy that I could bring Jesus into it I know, but if he is a good example of how to suffer well, then we cannot ignore his ways.

Christian living can be hard, especially when all that information we have in our heads stays there, but at some point the rubber must meet the road.

So I encourage you to entrust yourself to God, because he judges righteously. That means not only does he know exactly what’s going on with you, he also knows how to deal with the situation, perfectly.

You don’t have the resources for this, and its time to rest

You may need to go to God more than once to help with this matter, and that’s ok, he knows that. The most important thing is that you don’t stay where you are. It may mean that you say to God that you want justice your way but you want a different desire and can he give it to you. He already knows what you need so be real.

This is where it starts.

3 thoughts on “Broken judgement doesn’t satisfy

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  1. ” ‘Vengeance is mine,’ says the Lord.”
    I used to think this was just a rebuke to angry believers, but I believe it’s also a promise.
    I had to let go of something done to me that hurt me deeply. Whenever it came back to me I had to purposefully turn the hurt and that person over to the Lord. Now, years later, that person is in prison serving a long sentence. If it had been up to me, I would not have chosen that hard a punishment. It seems there are things that I didn’t know about that person, but God knew everything, and He took care of it all.

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  2. I think forgiveness is never a thing we get used to. Hence we have to continuously rely on God’s grace for it. I used to think that being able to forgive someone who molested me as a child meant I could forgive easily. Until I realised that I struggled with forgiving certain kinds of offences. I sometimes act as though I have forgiven but I actually haven’t. Part of it being that I tend to absorb a lot and when I can no longer bear, it’s then difficult for me because I justify my actions by how long it takes me to snap. So now I again remind myself of how impossible it is for me to do this in my own ability. This realisation leads me to rely on The Holy Spirit even more. Great post brother😊

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